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The cederberg mountains and nature reserve are located near clanwilliam, approximately 300 km north of cape town. Climb up a few meters to some small crimps in a thin rail. Park your vehicle under the oak trees and head up the path to wolfberg cracks. Download this landscape of wolfberg cracks in cederberg nature. The two lie fairly close to one another and either will supply you with maps and permits. It takes you past crystal pools, welbedacht cave, the wolfberg arch and wolfberg cracks, the maltese cross and sneeuberg. Wolfberg cracks the wolfberg cracks is one of the best known and spectacular parts of the magnificent cederberg. The two main towns nearby are clanwilliam to the north, and citrusdal to the south in the western cape province it is a 200kms drive north from cape town. The farm shop at dwarsrivier has a selection of nonperishable goods. Blue mountain adventures, 12b cumnor avenue, cape town 2020. We headed on as we had an appointment with cederberg wines.

Wolfberg is a mountain in the eastern range surrounding the central valley of the cederberg wilderness area. Hiking wolfberg cracks and wolfberg arch cederberg south. Two night camping in the cederberg wilderness area. Landscape of wolfberg cracks in cederberg nature reserve south. To reach the first of these towns, citrusdal, one passes over the beautiful piekinierskloof pass, where farmers share the land with resorts and tourist accommodation. We planned this overnight backpacking trip in the cederberg wilderness area after seeing photos of wolfberg arch, a gargantuan stone archway.

There are numerous day and overnight hikes including the popular and spectacular wolfberg arch, wolfberg cracks and the maltese cross. This not only inspired cederberg private cellars slogan, wines with altitude. Armed with a capenature permit the possibilities are huge. For those who enjoy hiking, the wolfberg cracks hiking is closed until further notice, we drove from cape town to the cederberg to see the wolfberg cracks only to be greeted by a sign at sandriff reception about the closure of the cracks due massive fire they had in the region in summer. For multiday hikes, routes can be tailored to the desired difficulty level.

Climbing at wolfberg, sanddrif cederberg, south africa. The 100 km cederberg mountain range consists of table mountain sandstone, richly coloured by iron oxides and eroded into curious shapes such as the wellknown wolfberg arch, stadsaal caves and the dramatic maltese cross. Jun 06, 2018 consult your hiking map and cederberg conservancy website for an indication of how long the hike is and how much elevation is gained. Wolfberg arch and cracks the arch is a long way from the cracks, but worth the effort, maltese cross, tafelberg, sneeuberg, sneeukop and krakadouw peak make for real mountaineering attractions, whilst the notasfit still gain a lot of pleasure from maalgat pool and stadsaal caves. Although not part of the africa fusion movie due to time constraints, the cederberg mountains offer world class trad and sport climbing and is of course home to the famous rocklands bouldering mecca. Wolfberg cracks is the adventurous hike to do in the cederberg natural area. For more information regarding access, permits and maps, please read our article introduction to the cederberg.

Differences between the cedarberg hiking tour and the three cederberg heritage route trails. Please help wolfberg arch at cedarberg western cape. Well, this is the opportunity youve been waiting for round up a friend or two and join sue and me for a weekend in the rugged cederberg wilderness and tick it off your bucket list. Environmental assessment is ongoing but its hoped they will open soon. Cederberg best time to visit top tips before you go. He was an actor, known for teatterituokio 1962, falskspelare 1961 and masar over sorrento 1962. Whinge direct 25rx an alternative third pitch to whinge taking the blank face left of the arete. This cederberg hike takes 6 7 hours and starts at sanddrif. The most popular day hikes are concentrated in the southern cederberg around algeria, the maltese cross and the wolfberg cracks. Original image from the guide book wolfberg cracks a climbers guide by tony lourens with permission. Hiking wolfberg cracks and wolfberg arch cederberg south africa.

The cederberg wilderness area in the western cape province ranks alongside the drakensberg in kwazulu natal, the wolkberg in limpopo province and the fish river canyon in namibia as being the prime hiking destinations for the experienced hiker who loves the freedom given by hiking in wilderness areas. The easiest is to start from sandrif holiday resort, the reception will supply you with maps and permits and a code for the gate. Cederberg hike wolfberg cracks, maltese cross and stadsaal caves our weekend away hike in the cederberg started early on friday and ended rather late on sunday we left cape town early and stopped over for breakfast and to meet up with the rest of the group at kardoesie on the n7. Cederberg was named after an endemic cypress tree which is growing at high elevation. The big hike of the weekend was on monday when we went up the wolfberg cracks. Through the wolfberg cracks to the arch, across to the welbedacht cave and down the mountain. Water required is 4l or if you intend cooking with water 5l. Sanddrif offers you a variety of accommodation options, from wellrun camping facilities with a safe playground for the children, to cosy and fully equipped selfcatering cottages with breathtaking views of the famous wolfberg cracks. The cederberg wilderness area falls within the cape floral region, a world heritage site. I never tire of doing this walk and i was fortunate to lead the route again re. The cederberg has a lifetimes worth of climbing, that once tasted will keep you coming back for more over and over again. The cracks are on private land adjacent to the wilderness area, and a permit must be obtained from the nieuwoudts at dwarsriver farm.

My advice, if you want to visit this area, book cederberg accommodation or citrusdal accommodation far in advance. Sanddrif holiday resort the unspoilt heart of the cederberg. Will there be a guide to provide the hike i couldnt find that online. It includes the towns of clanwilliam, citrusdal and lamberts bay, and the surrounding villages and farms. We had difficulties to find the right path to the wolfberg cracks. Wolfberg arch hike the hike is classified as a strenuous full day walk from dwarsrivier and is only possible once a permit has been acquired from the dwarsrivier farm along with a gate key and then follow their map to the start of the walk. Start as for the original route, at the base of a rectangular tower. Sanddrif holiday resort offers a choice of accommodation, from 16 cosy and fully equipped selfcatering holiday cottages with breathtaking views of the famous wolfberg cracks and the river to more than 40 wellrun camping facilities with a safe playground for children. Approximately 1,2 km from sanddrif, at the foot of the wolfberg, there is a parking area under the oak trees.

Cederberg, western cape welcome to the official cederberg tourism site learn all about the towns situated in the cederberg municipal region as well as about the cederberg mountains and cederberg wilderness area, what you can do here, where to have delicious meals and where you can stay. Exploring wolfberg makes for an excellent day hike, although the. The hike across the top to wolfberg arch is still closed, as the vegetation in that area has still not recovered sufficiently. The tour allows occasional rider, with no previous offroad experience, to discover the desert areas of the tankwa karoo, the magnificent sceneries of the cederberg mountains, and to ride the legendary old postal route, with the comfort of a backup 4x4 vehicle transporting petrol, food, drinks and luggages. Our destination, the iconic wolfberg arch via the wolfberg cracks. Apr 08, 2017 cape nature have closed this area of the wilderness until at least 1 august 2017. Enjoy hiking, winetasting, donkey cart trails and scenic drives in the cederberg wilderness area. The last hardman 22 features an intimidating roof crack that is easier than it looks. Cederberg private cellar 2020 all you need to know before. Patrick cederberg is known for his work on noah 20, fruit loops 2010 and volition 20.

Permits to the maltese cross and the wolfberg arch via eikeboom and gabriels pass are sold at driehoek. After citrusdal, the road to the famous cederberg mountains, wolfberg cracks, lots wife trail, and wolfberg arch is bumpy and rocky. The cederberg is renowned for its quality of rock climbing routes particularly around the krakadouw and tafelberg peaks. Hiking to the wolfberg arch is fun and challenging. The cedarberg hiking tour is a series of one day walks in the mountains using a very comfortable mountain lodge as the first base and a luxury lodge as the second base. And the numbers allowed up to and through the cracks will also be controlled for the foreseeable future. The cederberg area is renowned for its fantastic and surreal rock formations that have been created over the millennia by erosion of the quartzitic sandstone. Wolfberg arch can be reached by traversing a set of monumental clefts in the mountain known as the wolfberg cracks. The trail to wolfberg cracks is steep, but the path is good. A climb up the wolfberg cracks, sanddrif, cederberg, south africa on 23 september 2012. What an experience we had squeezing through the cracks and entering a. Sanddrif holiday resort is situated on the farm dwarsrivier, home of cederberg private cellar, approximately 250 km north of cape town. Walk up to the wolfberg cracks from sanddrif in the cederberg, about 3 hours. Plan a road trip to the cederberg for spring 2018 and you may be one of the.

The rocks could crush us, but i remind myself they have been perfectly wedged between the sheer walls of the wolfberg cracks for ages. This is mrtins story of our adventure and it really was sort of an adventure. Rock climbing routes in wolfsberg cracks, cederberg. After traversing the cracks, we emerged from the depths and the warm summer sun greeted us back. Purchase permits and a map from the office at dwarsrivier or algeria forest station cape nature hq for the cederberg wilderness. Jul 12, 2018 this route explores some of the most iconic places in the cederberg and is one of the best 5day hikes i have done anywhere. Our resort, kagga kamma, lies in the heart of the region, but a world apart in its amazing scenic features. Is there cellular phone reception in the central cederberg. Spectacular rock formations including the maltese cross, wolfberg cracks, wolfberg arch, tafelberg, sneeuberg and lots wife attract mountaineers and hikers alike. In those days you went straight up the mountain, but nowadays there is a path, still fairly steep though.

Goran cederberg was born on december 7, 1926 in espoo, finland as goran anders cederberg. Wolfberg and the narrow crack daytrip not a peak in the classic sense, but wolfberg is definitely conspicuous with its 150m high, sheer, red sandstone cliffs looming over the sand river valley. Further along the wolfberg crest, there is a natural arch feature that draws adventurers. Three cracks can be viewed, of which the first two are easily recognisable. Through the wolfberg cracks to the arch, across to the welbedacht cave and down the. Here is a route description, map, and gps waypoints for hiking the route. Apr 12, 2012 walk up to the wolfberg cracks from sanddrif in the cederberg, about 3 hours. The cederberg in general is known for is fantastical rock formations, and the cracks will not disappoint. Permits to the maltese cross and the wolfberg arch via dwarsrivier and the wolfberg cracks are sold at dwarsrivier. The 40 best places in cederberg best price guarantee. Devastating fires in late 2016 cut all access to two muchloved attractions there the wolfberg cracks and arch and they remain closed more than a year later. Wolfberg arch western cape, south africa alltrails.

Permits cederberg conservancy, south africa, western cape. Day hikes cederberg conservancy, south africa, western cape. The arch is lit by both sunrise and sunset from opposite sides, a breathtaking sight. The stunning wolfberg cracks are a little closer to the woldberg arch and are well. Permits to visit the stadsaal caves on matjiesrivier nature reserve can be obtained at any of the tourism offices. The vast cederberg wilderness area, covering almost 172 000 ha, offers hiking routes for people of all fitness levels. Video documentary of 4 friends hiking one of the most spectacular natural site of south africa.

To reach the wolfberg arch, via wolfberg cracks some hikers start from dwarsrivier farm, others from sandrif holiday resort. The cederberg area lies some 200km north west of cape town, and consists of the mountains from which the area takes its name, the wilderness it hides, and several small towns. However, we can now enjoy climbing again at two of the best trad venues in. Cederberg wilderness area view from wolfberg cracks. Always carry enough water, warm clothes and snacks when embarking on any hike. Cederberg things to do browse our directory of things to do in cederberg. The farm lies in the heart of the cederberg wilderness area, which is well known for its spectacular rock formations, expansive vistas. The arch itself is certainly the largest such natural beauty of its kind that i know of in south africa, and stands in an area of great beauty and silence. These hikes are moderate and your personal level of fitness should guide you in deciding which route to follow. Last november mrtn and i travelled to the cederbergs a spectacular mountain region several hundred km north of cape town for a hike to the wolfberg cracks and arch. One of the notable landmarks in cederberg wilderness area is the 15 meterhigh wolfberg arch. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and backpacking. At its peak, there are several cracks, narrow passages through which hikers must walk to summit the mountain. From there you can either hike another 5km to the wolfberg arch an iconic cederberg landmark or return down the mountain via a big, easy crack.

Tafelberg and wolfberg cracks in the cederberg is now officially open. Start about 4m to the left of the arete at a good rail. Cederberg is wellknown for hiking and san paintings. Like many others, we made the heritage public holiday on tuesday into a long weekend and we went up to the cederberg for a bit of fresh air and hiking. Great scenic drives particularly when you get to the gravel road that goes through the cederberg wilderness area. See the recent discussion in belfast tax mans threads. Cederberg wolfberg cracks hiking pictures the easter weekend stumbled upon us and it was a tough decision of where to go or what to do. My handsdown favourite is a road trip into the cederberg. Jan 10, 2017 early one november morn we my grandfather and i set out on the trail through the wolfberg cracks towards the wolfberg arch.

Different options on walks through the cracks at the end, need. To reach the wolfberg arch one starts at the wolfberg cracks. Most of the hike is in full sun so its best to start at 06. Cedarberg hiking tour 3 night walking tourcedarberg africa. In my opinion, the walk through the wolfberg cracks in the cederberg must be one of the most spectacular oneday walks in south africa. Wolfberg cracks western cape 2020 all you need to know. See the cederberg risen from the ashes getaway magazine. Walking aside, the dirt roads are good mountain bike fodder. The table mountain sandstone creates ideal conditions for spectacular routes. Spectacular rock formations including the maltese cross, wolfberg cracks. May 10, 2012 once you pop out at the top, you will find a martian landscape which you must cross to get to the wolfberg arch. This means that we are not able to offer the gabriel or the cederberg 100 trails at the moment and there is no access to the wolfberg cracks or the wolfberg arch. In the event of an incident, guides are connected to the geos emergency service system.

Wolfberg overview wolfberg lies within the awesome cederberg wilderness area, which is situated about 200km north of cape town. Seasoned hikers should only attempt the spectacular hike to the wolfberg arch via the wolfberg cracks. Fire in the cederberg causes some trail closures 2017. The cederberg was named after the hardy clanwilliam ceder tree, now close to extinction. After breakfast and a gear check, we will head out on a 4. The area round the winery at dwarsrivier has a number of places to stay and this has many of the most famous cederberg hikes from here the maltese cross and the wolfberg cracks and arch. Does anyone know if the hike to wolfberg arch via the cracks is open yet and if not, if there is a planned date for that to be the case. Cederberg local municipality is a local municipality which governs an area of the western cape province of south africa stretching from the cederberg mountains through the middle valley of the olifants river to the atlantic coast. Hello all, i am a photographer and would like to take photos of wolfberg arch at sunset, night with stars and sunrise. Backpack and hike in the wolfberg cracks of the cederberg. These natural fissures sit 500 feet above the sanddrift camp site on the same farm that is responsible for the award winning cedarberg wine. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking. Wolfberg cracks western cape, south africa alltrails.

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