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Made with microban antimicrobial product protection. With the fire classification b ls1, d0, armaflex ultima has established a new standard in flexible technical insulation l o w s mo k e d e n s i t y b s 1, d. Instructions for further details or contact technical services. Ap armaflex pipe tube insulation is the original closed cell, fiberfree elastomeric. Armaflex 520 black adhesive has the same great properties of regular armaflex 520 adhesive. Armacell cannot control the end use of this product, armacell does not guarantee that the user will obtain the same results as published in this document.

Try our glossary of industry terms for further explanation of this topic. Specific treatment is advised see first aid instructions. Environmental product declaration armacell is now the first manufacturer of flexible technical insulation materials to present environmental product. Submittal sheets contain product data and specifications for use by engineers and architects. Oval tubes should always be split on the flat side. Specially formulated adhesive for uniform and safe. Armacell product selector armaflex 520 black insulation. Identification of the material and supplier synonyms armacell armaflex 520 uses adhesive 1. Armaflex adhesive 520 was specially developed to bond armaflex. Armaflex armacell pdf catalogs documentation brochures. Armaform products are delivered as foam boards, thin flexible sheets or particle foams. We use cookies to ensure our website works properly and to collect statistics about users in order for us to improve the website.

Armaform is a sustainable, 100 percent recyclable alternative to legacy materials. Please contact your customer service rep for questions. View and download vivitar vivrf 520 instruction manual online. Download product data sheets, specifications, white papers, installation manuals and more. Use this link to download insulation product submittal sheets, technical bulletins. Armacell product selector armaflex 520 insulation adhesive. The golden color adhesive may also be used to apply armaflex sheet insulation to flat or curved metal surfaces that will operate at temperatures up to. Submittal description moldresistantaparmaflexpipetubeinsulationis aflexibleelastomericthermalinsulation,blackin color,suppliedasunslittubing,in. Installation mussen armaflex 520 oder armaflex ht 625 verwendet werden. View and download avant 520 operators manual online. Armacell offers submittal sheets for our insulation products and accessories. General working with armaflex use good quality tools, in particular a sharp knife, fresh arma. All documents which we offer for downloading have the format of adobe acrobat pdf files. They exclude delivery charges and customs duties and do not include additional charges for installation or activation options.

It is excellent for joining seams and butt joints of armaflex pipe and sheet insulations for line temperatures up to 250. Armaflex 520 adhesive professional adhesive for reliable bonding with armaflex installations. Armacell makes rigid, engineered pet composite foam for a wide range of structural applications. Identification of the material and supplier armacell. Use the contact form to request technical information from our insulation technical manager. For any updates on this document, please refer to our website. Ap armaflex sa black duct liner is a patented nonfibrous duct liner with an advanced, pressure sensitive adhesive system for nonpinned field applications. Download product data sheets, specifications, installation manuals, price lists and other documents. Armaflex 520 black adhesive is an airdrying contact adhesive that is black in color for a cleaner visual appearance at seams. They are made by armacell s patented technology of manufacturing pet foams, made of 100 percent recycled pet, more precisely from recycled beverage bottles. Armaflex 520 adhesive is an airdrying contact adhesive that is excellent for joining seams and butt joints of armaflex pipe and sheet insulations for line temperatures up to 250f 120c.

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