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On my lenovo ideapad s110 debian stretch is just working fine, but hd videos dont run smoothly, at least not in full screen. Debian user forums view topic building intelva driver. Sandyivy bridge you only need to compile mplayer vaapi, install mpv, or use vlc with hardware acceleration enabled to get hardware accelerated playback. Vaapi hardware acceleration on debian with intel cpu how i did. Ubuntu developers mail archive please consider filing a bug or asking a question via launchpad before contacting the maintainer directly. Debian details of source package intelvaapidriver in stretch. Emby is placed on docker emby works great except for vaapi. Video acceleration api is a successor to xvmc, providing partial and full hardware offloading of video decoding. Vaapi hardware acceleration on debian with intel cpu. Intel vaapi howto with leia v18 nightly based on ubuntu 18. You need to compile the g45h264 driver branch for vaapi on g45 series.

This driver does not provide 3d acceleration, and lacks support for other aspects of nvidia hardware. Follow the hw spec to configure the buffer cache on. The xorg drivers page contains the instructions for building xorg drivers that are necessary in order for xorg server to take advantage of the hardware that it is running on. This gist contains instructions on setting up ffmpeg and libav to use vaapi based hardware accelerated encoding on supported platforms for h. Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the xbmc foundation, a nonprofit technology consortium. Debian details of source package intelvaapidriver in.

Also, debian testing has imported that ihd driver with two flavors. This driver provides 3d acceleration through the radeon x850. Refer to the user guide of the appropriate platform. You can use docker run to start the server with a command like the one below. Vaapi linux hardware decode video scaling problem steam. Kodi is available for multiple operatingsystems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls.

Video acceleration api vaapi is a royaltyfree api that allows applications such as vlc media player or gstreamer to use hardware video acceleration capabilities, usually provided by the graphics processing unit gpu. Ubuntu ships with the open source xserverxorgvideoati driver identifier. This package is just an umbrella for a group of other packages, it has no description. Done building dependency tree reading state information. Interface frontends are also available for atis xvba and nvidias vdpau. Qsv uses a modified forked version of vaapi and interfaces it with libmfx and their proprietary drivers list of supported processors for qsv. Installing libvaintel vaapi driver package on ubuntu 14. If everything works fine, you will now receive all the updates from the local mirror and the security updates from the main server 3. Sebastian ramacher brandon snider reinhard tartler stdver. To install the restricted nvidia driver, see restricteddriversnvidia. It is implemented by the free and opensource library libva, combined with a hardwarespecific driver, usually provided together with the gpu driver. Vaapi is an opensource library and api specification, which provides access to graphics hardware acceleration capabilities for video processing. Activate backported sources install backported kernel reboot install all the packages needed for hardware acceleration from backports perhaps not all of them are neccesary. Actually the only thing one has to know is, that the current libva1 version 0.

Hardware acceleration documentation jellyfin project. The following binary packages are built from this source package. Chromium hardware acceleration enabled in debian buster. So basically ihd driver is now the main vaapi driver for intel platforms, though it only supports the new chips, the old ones still require i965va driver. Done libvaintel vaapi driver is already the newest version. But libvavdpau driver is a wrapper when vlc used to be vaapi only, libvavdpau driver allowed you to get hardware acceleration in it with the nvidia proprietary driver. These drivers are recommended for linux and windows. Debian 9 stretch does not have a driver for intels 8th generation coffee lake processors. Nowadays vlc supports both vaapi and vdpau, so libvavdpau driver isnt needed anymore. The main branch of intels linux display driver provides vaapi for sandy and ivy bridge. Hi, i have been fiddling around with this for too long, so here is what i did for all you after me. Use vce with ffmpeg to encode screen recording with a hardware codec to. At least one input and one video driver are required for xorg server to start.

I have installed i965va driver and libvaintel vaapi driver. But when i run vainfo, it shows the old version and not the new 2. The intelr media driver for vaapi is a new vaapi video acceleration api user mode driver supporting hardware accelerated decoding, encoding, and video. Vaapi is a video acceleration api that uses libva to interface with local drivers to provide hwa. You have searched for source packages that names contain intelvaapidriver in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Debian details of source package intelvaapidriver in sid. Server is a windows 7 64 bit home premium, i7 4790k, 8g ram, nvidia 970 graphics, hdmi video fit headless. Vaapi hardware acceleration on debian with intel cpu how i did it posted in. As of today, ffmpeg and libav have implemented hardwareaccelerated encoding via vaapi on supported platforms and hardware skus, and i have written a writeup on the same that will enable you to set up, deploy and use both ffmpeg and libav to achieve the same effect and in the same note, ive added references to hardware surface limits so youll know what hardware platforms support specific. We have there debian buster with i965va driver shaders and intelmediava driver nonfree installed. It consists of a main library and driverspecific acceleration backends for each supported hardware vendor.

It does not appear to be listed in the supported cpus in the manual, but i just wanted to check if this is indeed true. We run a hosted box with intel corporation hd graphics 630. We are able to do hardwareaccelerated video encoding of screen grabbed from xvfb using ffmpeg which is from debian multimedia repository. Can i install this driver from debian 10 on debian 9 omv4. Im wondering if kaby lake cpus are supported by the latest release of the media server studio for linux 2017r2. Currently the hardware acceleration patch has been removed. For example, dropbox, some codes, nvidia drivers and many others. Using vaapis hardware accelerated video linux reddit. Contrib and nonfree repositories include many useful packages that are not available in the debian default repositories. List of package versions for project intelvaapidriver in all repositories. Vaapi hardware acceleration on deb ian with intel cpu how i did it posted in linux.

I tried building xvba, but it seems it requires a lib from the proprietary driver. I see debian stable has latest chromium now, if vaapi works on intel without additional packages aside from vaapi driver of course that is exciting. According to the wiki page listed above it looks like it only supports decoding mpeg2 content, which my system is more than capable of doing at least with the mpeg2 content i have on the computer. The intel vaapi driver is designed specifically for video cards based on an intel gpu. This gist contains instructions on setting up ffmpeg and.

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